The Planet is Saved by Hiring Waste Recycling Companies

You may not think you throw out much rubbish every week but you should do some math. Let’s say you put three garbage bags on the curb every week. This is equivalent to 156 bags per week. Let’s say there are 2000 homes in the city, and each one throws out 156 garbage bags a year. This is 312,000 bags worth of waste that are thrown into landfills. Imagine the waste collected every week by all the homes, offices and businesses in the entire world. You will be shocked by the number. Discover more?

It’s true that 75 percent of the rubbish that gets stuffed into bags and thrown in landfills is recyclable. According to the EPA only 30% of recyclable materials are recycled. There are many people who recycle aluminum cans, but there are still 55 billion that have been littered or thrown in the trash, instead of being recycled. It is a staggering number of cans being thrown away instead of recycled.

You can still make a difference, even if you aren’t able to do it all. You can recycle since each person produces approximately 1.5 tons per year. Contacting a waste recycler is incredibly easy. Waste recycling companies will empty the recyclable materials into trucks provided by you. Material is taken to an industrial facility that processes 28 tons per hour. It is approximately 438 tonnes per day.

Paper is then sorted, and sent for recycling into new products. Metal is used to make more metal and glass is used for recycling. Almost everything you toss in the bin every week can be recycled. If you throw away four bags each week of garbage, then only one bag is pure trash that should be thrown in the bin. The rest can be recycled.

Many people complain that recycling waste is a lot of work. You only need to place the recyclable materials in the container provided and let the company handle the rest. The company will pick up the recyclable material, sort it out and make sure it is recycled. You could soon be drinking from a bottle of glass made out of glass you used to practice your target shooting.