Motivations to have plastic surgery are very personal

Criticism of plastic surgery that it panders people’s vanity is unjustified. Plastic surgery is often sought by people unhappy with their appearance. This desire for improvement comes naturally. In some cases, they feel so dissatisfied that they will pursue any solution available to help them be more satisfied. In certain cases, the plastic surgery at may even lead to increased self-confidence.

It may be that you wish to slow down the effects ageing, restore the lost volume of breasts after childbearing or even augment your breasts. Getting braces or plastic surgery for physical improvements is the equivalent of getting them to correct your teeth. It is not vain to desire straighter teeth. The procedure is usually more drastic. For this reason, you must carefully analyze your motives. Plastic surgery should never be undertaken lightly.

In 2005 the American Society of Plastic Surgeons did a survey on people’s motivations to have plastic surgery. You may be surprised to find out that plastic surgeries are not just for the wealthy. Plastic surgery can be performed by people in all social classes.

ASPS’s study shows that many age groups, including those above 18, seek out plastic surgery. The young surgery candidates seek to make cosmetic improvements to the breasts or nose. They are not as concerned with the aging process.

An in-depth interview with some survey participants revealed that the majority of people interested in plastic surgeries were very concerned by an undesirable physical attribute. In their minds, plastic surgery could provide them with emotional, mental, or social benefits.

My job as a Californian plastic surgeon is to guide potential patients through the process of examining their motivations. The patient will have a healthy outlook and want to make changes to their body in order to eliminate a particular physical characteristic that they dislike. It may not matter how harshly others judge you, as long as your judgment is accurate.

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